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About HsuBox Consulting

HsuBox Consulting provides employee Benefits/ERISA consulting for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Consulting areas include human resources/payroll/employee benefits operations and compliance, staff augmentation, transaction support, process improvement and procedural documentation, internal audit/risk management, training and education for all levels of staff and fiduciaries, and more. Apply the HsuBox 5x5 needs assessment to determine the areas where HsuBox can add the greatest value.

HsuBox Consulting, LLC. Providing your benefits solutions in one place.

About Karen Hsu Ford

Managing Member at HsuBox Consulting, LLC
Phone: (202) 256-5745
Accomplished employee benefit plan professional with expertise in compliance, operations, and audit. Highly organized and technical adviser with the ability to explain and apply rules and regulations to unique client situations.

Employee benefit plan consultant with 15 years hands-on experience in compliance consulting, plan operations, and auditing. Uniquely able to understand the role of employee benefits in each client's strategic plan and communicate effectively about employee benefits across functions and at all levels of your organization. Significant project management, documentation and training skills.


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