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Employee Benefits and HR Management Services

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Employee benefits and human resources are complex and critical parts of any organization. HsuBox provides day-to-day and special project support in human resources and employee benefits management, including:

Employee Benefits (pension and welfare)

  • Open enrollment and communications
  • Review annual Form 5500
  • Compliance - plan design and operations
  • Audit management and support
  • Administration

Operational Evaluations

  • Departmental gap analysis/capabilities evaluation
  • Process improvement and procedural documentation
  • Documentation reviews and remediation
    • Personnel and benefits files
    • Employee and participant notices
    • New hire orientation information and process
    • Employee terminations
  • Policy development and documentation
  • Regulatory compliance

Insurance Coverage

  • Vendor reviews and contract renewals
  • Workers' compensation compliance

Reporting and Training

  • Fiduciary training and education
  • Board support and presentations
  • Staff training

Human Resources Information Systems

  • Request for Proposal support/vendor analysis
  • Implementation guidance

Other Services

  • Compensation administration
  • Staff management
  • Budgeting

Auditor, Accountant, and Attorney Support Services

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Many times, clients need additional expertise and dedicated resources to remain compliant and implement your recommendations. HsuBox provides specialized support to clients in some of the most complex and operationally challenging areas including:

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Due diligence and operational compliance review
  • Plan mergers
  • Process and control updates
  • Transaction year audit and accounting support

Audit Support

  • Project management
  • Preparation of PBC items, including financials and footnotes
  • Analysis of vendor reports
  • Review draft Form 5500 and reports with fiduciaries
  • Point of contact for auditors and vendors

Process Improvement and Procedural Documentation

  • Process and control review and recommendations
  • Review and incorporate auditor and attorney recommendations
  • Prepare/update documentation
  • RImplementation and training

Fiduciary and Staff Training

  • Fiduciary education
  • Board support and presentations
  • Staff training

Compliance and Corrections

  • Delinquent filers
    • Compile prior year information
    • Audit support
    • Form 5500 reviews
  • Tax qualification analysis and corrections
  • Operational reviews

Other Services

  • Request for Proposal support/vendor analysis
  • Plan changes
    • Documentation
    • Participant notices
    • Implementation
  • Research support


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